Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was trying to figure out how to get this information a few days ago.
Well, I've hurdled this obstacle now.
Thank God!

If you need this information for your product as well, here are some tips just so you wouldn't have to go through the excruciating process I went through the other day.

If you're required to get the exact figures, I'm sorry to really have to go to authorized labs for these. Here in the Philippines, I heard you have to pay around P14,000 per line to get this information from an accredited chemist. OUCH!

However, if you only need estimates. Here's how.

1. Be sure to have the exact measurements of your ingredients. 

2. Each ingredient usually has an accompanying nutrient value. You could look it up over credible sources over the internet or the official site of your country's food and drug administration.

Nutrition facts for a cup of skim milk
Grabbed here

3. Once you've gathered all the data you need, the next step is probably hours of computation. Usually the nutrition facts over the internet are based on a certain measurement like cholesterol 5mg per cup of milk. You would have to make the necessary computations so the nutrient value would correspond to the actual measurement you used for your product.

I was lucky because our mixture actually used a cup
of skim milk so I really didn't have to compute much
with this ingredient.

4. On top of this, nutrition facts being asked by malls, for instance, are usually per cup or per meal served basis. For instance...a whole container of our Iskrambol has 300g of carbohydrates. If one container could serve around 25 cups...

5. Now the tricky part is figuring out what 12g is, for instance, in terms of % of daily requirement. To get  this figure, you need the complete list of a person's daily nutrient requirement. A person with a 2000 calorie diet for instance...

Information from here

6. Using the same example in number 4...

In case you need a review on how to solve variables, I gave a detailed explanation here.
Hope this helps. :)
Good luck on your computations!


  1. woohoo! nice one ate, talagang nag-post ka pa ng step by step instructional guide.. :D hehe, ok yan, malaking tulong yan sa mga nahihingan ng nutrition tables pero no money.. :D anyways, malapit na rin naman ata nilang i-require ang nutrition facts sa labelling soon.

  2. thanks chriscel. marami nga atang naweirduhan sa akin. hahaha..the methods are still fresh kse so I best put them into writing nalang. :D

  3. true, at least may reference ka na para sa susunod nyo pang mga products. :D

  4. bilib ako. na-compute mo pa lahat yan!

  5. of course :) isang araw kung ginawa yan!

  6. This is very helpful...thanks

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